HX6000 High Speed Automatic Book Block Back Gluing Preparation Line

HX6000 High Speed Automatic Book Block Back Gluing Preparation Line is predestined for feeding and gluing of pre-folded end sheets to both sides of thread-sewn or loose gathered, uncutted book blocks automatically, including book block infeed via cycled infeed conveyor - three times 30T pre-pressing - end sheet feeder and lining - graphic touchscreen display - misfeed and double-sheet control (book block thickness checking) - height adjustable channel for the end sheets, 0-8 mm, for book blocks to be glued in a perfect binder - nozzle gluing unit for cold glue with integrated flushing and cleaning system - post-pressing station - end sheets lining - on-line drying and cooling - post-pressing, etc., the speed can be up to 70 cycles/min, HXCP HX6000 Automatic Book Block Back Gluing Preparation Line can be designed both in book production lines and as an offline solution.

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