HX2000 Automatic Ribbon Inserting Machine

HX2000 Automatic Ribbon Inserting Machine is the fully automated and user-friendly Diary/Notebook ribbon bookmark inserting machine, which inserts ribbons tightly into book blocks, with a high speed and quality of the process, the speed can be 50 pcs/min. The ribbon is used as a stand-alone machine or in in-line book production systems between the three-knife trimmer and the book block production line.


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    Improve the reader’s experience with beautiful, colorful ribbons added to your diaries and books. Doing it with the HX2000 ribbon inserting machine can be the most streamlined process on your production floor. The HX2000 automates all feeding, splitting, cutting, and gluing operations at the speed of 50pcs/min and stores your diaries and books in the dedicated output area without manual effort.

    How it works

    Once your books are stored on the feeder, they move along the conveyor belt when the machine is put into operation. Each piece reaches a book block splitting section and a high-quality automatic book ribbon device. The device is tasked with inserting and cutting ribbons into the pre-selected blocks. From there on, the ribbons are automatically attached to covers using the HX2000’s glue spray system.

    All books with ribbons make it to the output counting section following ribbon attachment, cutting, and gluing processes. That’s how you can keep track of the number of pieces that now feature ribbon bookmarks and detect imperfections early on.

    Setup options

    The HX2000 machine operates smoothly in any indoor environment, whether paired with other units on your production and finishing floor or used independently. If ribbon attachment is your only responsibility or added service, you can invest in the HX2000 and go with it without other machines and tools.

    For a range of coordinated operations, the HX2000 can be installed along with ribbon-making machines, the three-knife trimmer, inline finishing machines, and other equipment. Because the HX2000 inserter can be adjusted for the needed book size, thickness, and ribbon type, it’s a value-added upgrade to any production line that has no compatibility issues with other units.

    Features of the HX2000 ribbon insert machine

    The smooth automated functions of the HX2000 machine have been proved at hundreds of printing and book finishing facilities taking advantage of the HX2000’s best features:

    Order the HX2000 ribbon insert machine online

    Scroll down to leave your inquiry for the HX2000 if you want to upgrade your book finishing processes with automation. When it comes to inserting ribbons, a machine manufacturer like HXCP would be happy to share operation information and compatibility standards with you. We will also keep you posted on the cost, assembly, and delivery terms.

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