There are at least a dozen methods of binding way on exercise book making, and there are unique pros and cons to each depending on the purpose of the document. Some bindings are more durable than others; some bindings are easy to operate, that means the cost will be much lower; some allow your book to lay flat when opened, and some have a very attractive appearance.

We've rounded off some of the most common binding techniques on exercise book, and also introduce the binding machines, so that you are able to make an informed choice on your stationery business.

Saddle Stitching

For some exercise book or notebook that might have short-term use (or those with a small number of pages), saddle stitch binding is an excellent alternative.

Once notebook pages are printed and folded as the signatures, then be gathered and organized, they are stacked and stitched together using metal staples. Stitching can be done with or without a book cover.

This is a easy way to bind, as the school book, most of pages can be laying flat writed and readed, and only a saddle stitching machine will be enough to run a business on the exercise book making.

Spiral Binding

For spiral binding, pages are trimmed and assembled, holes are punched along one side of the pages, and a metal spiral is threaded through those holes. Spiral binding lays completely flat, easy to flip, is welcomed by many students.

As the production, a punching machine and a spiral forming and binding machine are needed.

Thermal Binding (Back Spine Taping)

Thermal binding is produced by a glued stripe/tape on the spine keeps the sheets together, while the name is not widely known, finished product is widely seen.

Thermal binding offers stylish, sleek and slim finish. This binding is ideal for stacking, mailing and storage, due to the low cost and the high efficiency on production, it is the main binding way on exercise book.

When you have a Book Back Spine Taping Machine, most of thermal binding book can be produced.

Saddle Sewn Binding

Saddle sewn binding is a book binding technique achieved by sewing together landscape folded pages with a cover into a portrait book. The stitching itself is done on an industrial sewing machine and lies on the spine of the book.

Saddle sewn binding is a simple, durable and cost effective way to embellish exercise book, because of the nature of the fold or crease, saddle sewn books are only appropriate for thin book of 48pp or less. 

We can use Sewing and Folding Machine to produce these notebooks,with functions of automatic central sewing, wire cutting, central folding, and book pressing, finished products delivery, etc..